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Depression in men is often more than just feeling sad or blue, however men are usually unaware, or do not recognize what is happening. Changes in work, family and relationships are areas of men’s lives which are frequently associated with depression; e.g.

Do you feel pressured at work? Are relationships different? Is there never enough time in the day to complete your tasks? Do you lack energy and feel tired all the time? Are you run down?

Problems can begin with demanding expectations from your employer; pressure due to a high or increasing workload or maybe a promotion into a new position/role. Others may feel stressed from being stuck in the same old job, are burnt out and are not even aware that there is a problem. Work performance may deteriorate such as being unable to complete tasks on time or at the same level, missing important meetings, or getting negative feedback from employers.

Changes in relationships and friendships are also important as they can be a source of problems.

This could include a birth or loss of a child resulting in addition pressure at home.  Other stressors can come from the start of a new relationship, an affair whilst in a relationship or the end of a relationship. These changes can be with a partner, wife, de facto, other family member, close friends and sometimes colleagues.

It may result in less time spent with these people, withdrawing from them and the world, and wanting to spend more and more time alone.

A reduction or stopping of physical activity is a common problem with men who are depressed. This can include hobbies and any regular exercise such as running, swimming, gym, walking and many other activities.

A common reason for this is that they are waiting to feel better before doing any physical activity. However, this doesn’t happen and instead it gets worse and worse.

Other men tend to report that if only they can get over this cold/flu/physical illness everything will be ok. The only problem is that it never seems to get any better and physical symptoms just keep dragging on week after week, month after month.

With all the above issues, help is available.

This doesn’t always mean that someone is depressed, they just happen to be common problems men with depression tend to experience.