Men don’t get depressed

Often men don’t understand depression and frequently do not identify as being depressed.  It is more than just feeling down or sad for a few days which most people experience.  The difference is that this feeling will last for days, weeks and months.

 Lack of energy seems to be a problem for many men experiencing depression.  They stop participating in the world around them and find it harder and harder to perform at their normal level at work, home and with hobbies.  Spending time with friends and family becomes increasingly draining, both physically and mentally, so it is just easier to be alone.

 Increasing anger and irritability with family, friends and work colleges is also common with men who are depressed.  This can results in frequent arguments and fights, causing major problems at work or in important relationships

 A common explanation used by men is that they are just physically unwell, run down, stressed or tired.  This they believe is the main cause for how they have been feeling recently.   If they just wait long enough and can get through the bad patch they will recover and things will get better.  But they don’t recover and they don’t get better.  Instead their problems deteriorate.

To manage the feelings and thoughts associated with being depressed some men will drink excessive amounts of alcohol.  Other men cope by sleeping more or obsessing about exercise.  In the short term this might relieve some painful thoughts and feelings but it won’t stop them as they always come back.

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